Prayer has been around since the beginning of time and in general is simply a request you make to God in your own words (may be done audibly or in thought). It may also be a thanksgiving to God rather than a request. If you are uncertain that God exists, try looking at some of the facts listed on our "Don't Believe In God?" page which may help you decide. You may also refer to our "Believe In Evolution?" link for some additional insight.

There are a few types of prayer. There are well known prewritten prayers that you can read as a form of prayer, and there is also a method of praying in your own words. Each are equally valid and effective so no one should ever claim, "I don't know how to pray". Prayer is simply speaking to God, who you believe created you, using prewritten words or your own words. It's that simple.

Basically if you believe God had the power to create this world and the people in it, then surely he must have the power to hear you and help you when you speak to him, correct? This is the basic concept behind prayer. God created you, and you speak to him when you wish to ask for help or guidance or to thank him for something you may have recently received in life.


Examples of small prayers you may say on your own:

General prayer (prayer in your own words) alone can easily help you obtain solutions to the worst of problems. In addition, repeating prayers multiple times has always proven more effective. If you've never heard about prayer or never knew details about it, then hearing something like this for the first time may sound unbelievable.

How can just talking in my own words or repeating a prayer out of a book help me with a problem in my life?", you may ask. This is a very good and logical question if you've never tried it. Basically you are asking God for help, who you believe must have the power to help if he had the power to create you and this world. In addition to asking you must have faith that God exists and that He can help when you ask. Even if you are unsure about the existence of God and the effectiveness of prayer, you can STILL try it and you will see benefits! You will be no worse off after trying it. Prayer has proven itself time and time again throughout the centuries and only those who try it can explain the help and benefits they have received.


"I tell God very simply what I want, and he always understands" St. Therese of Lisieux


You can pray any time of day, and it is preferable to pray in a quiet area where you can concentrate on the current problems you, family or friends have and what you want resolved.


You may pray for:

  • Yourself
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Any other living person you think could use help
  • The Deceased (for the repose of their souls


What Makes Prayer Most Effective (or Ineffective)?

Prayer is most effective when the following circumstances apply:

  • When praying, you should also be trying to live a generally good life. You cannot expect God to hear and answer your prayers while you are purposely living a bad life otherwise. Making an effort to correct faults in your life (as far as you are able personally) while you pray for special intentions will make your prayers that much more effective.
  • Persevering in prayer has always proven to be more effective than just praying once for a particular intention.


The strongest and most effective form of prayer as shown throughout the centuries has been The Rosary. See our link on The Rosary on this website for details on the amazing things that can be obtained by praying the Rosary, and the amazing miracles that have been witnessed over the years!

You may also consider trying Novenas which are also very effective prayers usually used in specific situations. You may also try the Holy Face Devotion, which you can link to through our Useful Links page.


Please note that if your doctor recommends you perform regular procedures or take medication regularly, PRAYER should not REPLACE your doctor's recommendations, but rather SUPPLEMENT those recommendations.