Don't Believe in God?

Don’t think a God or Divine Creator exists? Here is some empirical evidence that cannot be denied...


Characteristics of Life

Consider the human conscience, our built-in knowledge of right and wrong. Every human being somehow has a built in knowledge of which actions are right and which are wrong. For example, humans as a rule do not accidentally think purposeless murder is good or that honesty is evil. Whenever someone does something against their built-in moral law, something rebukes their conduct. They know that they are going against an inward voice. It is the voice of conscience, dictating to us a law we did not make, and which no human could have made, for this voice often forbids what we want to do. If this built-in moral law were man made, then people could change it and free themselves of its obligation. Instead, this voice is not escapable, and is always there whether we like it or not, warning us beforehand, and condemning us after violation. Where does this built-in voice come from and why do we all have it? We know conscience is not learned as no one ever goes to school to learn about what conscience is, how it works, or how to negotiate with it or change it, we simply know it exists without having to learn about it. The law dictated by this voice of conscience supposes a lawgiver who has written his law in our hearts.

How and why is it built into human beings as a rule to seek the truth, and morality, and happiness? All human beings go through different phases at different times, but it is built into humans as a rule to constantly head back toward truth, morality, and happiness. Why? What if any of these qualities were missing in human beings? And are these qualities in us by accident? How about emotions such as love, hate and jealousy, or our unique tastes in music, or the so many talents people are born with? Where do we get the built in sense of dignity which makes us want to cover our bodies with clothing? Where did all of these unique characteristics come from and why do all people just happen to have them?

Consider our sense of justice, built into each of us. The very sense of justice among people, resulting in courts of law, supposes a just God. We did not give ourselves our sense of justice, but it is built into all of us. Why?

It is common knowledge that people, including atheists, intuitively seek God’s help in times of great calamity, and instinctively plead for God’s mercy when death is imminent. Why is this behavior built into us?

It just so happens that men, women, animals, and other living creatures are born with these common desires: the desire to survive and the desire to continue their species. How & Why? If these desires were not built in to living creatures then life would eventually come to an end and we would become extinct.

Also, it just so happens that men and women as a rule have a built in attraction to one another. How & Why? Let's face it, we are not really attractive creatures. If you were a creature from another planet and came to earth and saw a human being for the first time, you would probably be horrified! We have long lanky limbs and move (walk) funny, and have tentacles (fingers), scary moving eyes, tongue and teeth, yet all humans have a built in feature where we find the opposite gender irresistible. Why? If people did not have this attraction or had some other built in attraction, then the human race would not continue. A purpose is built into every person!

It just so happens that humans enjoy eating food. Why? What if other feelings were built into human beings each time they tried to eat food? What if it caused other sensations such as pain or fear instead of enjoyment? Think about when you are sick or when you lose your sense of taste due to a sickness. You never have the urge to eat when you are sick and tend to lose weight, and are eventually FORCED to eat to stay alive. The joy of taste and smell is what compels us to eat. If this enjoyment did not exist and instead another sensation occurred, our common sense would not be enough to make us eat properly. The human race and other living creatures would be malnourished and would eventually dwindle.

Consider how each living organism can live on other animals and plants that surround it and how they all just happen to be appropriately nourishing to keep them alive. Consider the food chain that naturally exists among all living organisms which mysteriously continues on its own and maintains itself, and still allows living things to continue living and existing. The death of one organism conveniently leads to the life of another and nature continues to take its course year after year, century after century without any major interruption. The life of every living thing naturally keeps it's checks and balances as though it were being controlled by puppet strings. Is this all a coincidence?

Studies have been done on the history of humanity and it has been found that there is no place on the face of the earth where religion of some type has not been practiced. Why do people in general have a built in instinct to practice religion even when they have not been taught about it?

People love to talk with other people about subjects of every type. People freely talk about things they have or don't have in common, things they are proud of, and they also like to debate on subjects they disagree on. Why is it that so many people (especially the non-religious) will talk about any subject, but avoid the subject of God and religion? People tend to avoid a subject when the subject bothers them. Why are non-religious people bothered by the subject of God and/or religion in conversation if they are sure there is no God or need of a religion to be followed?

We have heard some ask how there could there be a God with all of the war, starvation and evil that exists in the world. Regarding this, the first thing that must be looked at is ALL of the empirical evidence for the existence of God on this page. Once we understand God's existence, then we must understand that the fluctuations of this life cannot affect God's existence. You cannot have God when things seem to be all right, and annihilate Him when things seem to go wrong. If God exists before things go wrong, He still exists despite the unhappiness of an individual. When we are happy, others are suffering. When we are suffering, others are happy. We cannot say that God is existing for the happy ones, and simultaneously not existing for the unhappy ones. He exists, regardless of the problems we see around us, and problems around us do not determine whether or not He exists. It is men that have been given administration of this world, and it is their management that must be looked at rather than claiming God doesn't exist when there is abundant empirical evidence that He does exist.

To expand on this point further, you may have heard some people refer to cruelties, wars, sickness, and famine that have killed millions of people over the centuries. These people will ask a question, "If God exists, how could He allow such a thing?". A typical example that is often heard is that 6 million Jews were killed during World War II by Adolf Hitler. The answer to this is actually very simple when we look at the statistics of deaths across the globe each year. Statistics show that 6 million people die of natural causes across the globe approximately every 40 days. This is obviously not considered cruelty and naturally no one questions the existence of God when referring to deaths that go on day-to-day, because it is simply the course of life on earth. The fact is, the natural course of life shows millions of people are born into the world each month, and millions of people also die during each month. Some people die naturally, and some through violence, and that death may be minutes after birth, or years, but all people must eventually die. We cannot logically accept natural deaths without question, and then start to question the existence of God when deaths happen to be through cruelty.


The Human Body

Notice that there are just two genders, male and female. Why are there two? Why aren't there 10, 50, or 5000 different types? Or how come there is not just one? It just so happens there are two and that an appropriate mixture of the two exists for continuance of the human race. Is this accidental?

Look at the human brain. It is only a 3 pound piece of tissue yet it is the most phenomenally complex computer scientists have discovered in the universe. It can hold 100 years of memories, can think of the technologies we have today, tells our lungs to breathe involuntarily, and instantly calculates a ball's trajectory, sending the proper messages to our legs and arms in less than a second to move us in position to catch a ball (among countless other things). How can this be and why do we all have this functionality? Without these functions, life would not exist.

Look at the human heart. If you held a human heart in your hand, it would look like any other meat or tissue with no more qualities than meat you could buy at a supermarket. Yet the human heart can beat by itself for over 100 years with a mysterious source of energy, and somehow sustains human life. How? Why? Without this mysterious source of energy, life would not exist!

Look at how sophisticated the human body is with its urogenital, skeletal, muscular, cardiovascular, digestive, nervous, endocrine and lymphatic systems all working together perfectly. Also consider the functions of many organs such as the kidneys filtering blood, the liver controlling our metabolism, digestion and detoxification, and our pancreas regulating blood sugar and assisting with digestion etc. If any of these functions didn’t occur in the human body, or occurred in a slightly different sequence, the human race could not survive. The sophistication and synchronization of these functions is mind-boggling. Are all of these functions cooperating by chance?



Many people look to science as the only foundation for all of their beliefs, yet throughout history we find repeated events, year after year and century after century that are above reason and cannot be explained by science. Many choose to ignore this fact. The variation, number, and frequency through which these mysterious events have occurred are astounding and cannot simply be swept under the carpet. Of the most significant events that have been occurring all over the face of the earth, scientists have studied vigorously in search of a natural cause, however none have been found. Crowds of people, including well-known, reputable people have witnessed many of these miraculous events over the centuries and have testified under oath as to their authenticity. The volume of these events and the number of witnesses along with the proof many of these events leave behind make it impossible for us to ignore them without looking foolish ourselves.

Below are some examples of well-known miraculous events. Again, these events are all above reason, and science has not been able to explain any of these, and it is simply impossible for anyone to attribute a natural cause to them. Rather the empirical evidence provided for each points to a supernatural source.


Apparitions & Associated Miracles


Miracle at Fatima

Consider the Miracle at Fatima, Portugal in 1917. In short, three poor children mentioned publicly that a lady spoke to them in a remote field where they were watching their flocks. According to the children this lady mentioned several things to them in line with Catholic doctrine, and asked them to relay it to the people in Fatima. She also told the children to tell the people that she would perform a miracle at the same location three months later to “make the people believe”, and gave the children a date and time this would occur. The children relayed the message and word quickly passed throughout Western Europe, resulting in 70,000 people (including religious and non-religious) arriving at the site three months later in expectation of this miracle.

On a very rainy, muddy day at the exact time and location foretold by the children, while the thousands of people waited in the rain, the clouds seemed to clear and the sun then appeared to swirl in the sky and hurl toward the earth according to eyewitnesses. Fearing the world was coming to an end; the crowd fell to the ground in fear, and screamed out for God to spare them. The phenomena lasted for approximately 10 minutes according to eyewitnesses. Afterward, all immediately noticed that their clothes were completely dry and the ground, which was previously flooded and muddy, was now dry earth. Eyewitness accounts (including from non-religious people) were in several Portugal newspapers the following day, and many of the eyewitness accounts from the articles can be seen here. In summary, we know a crowd of thousands of religious and non-religious, with no reason to lie, all could not have hallucinated the same thing, yet they all agree on what happened there that day. And not only has such an incident with the sun never been seen before or since this incident, but neither has the phenomena with the instantaneous drying of the earth and clothes at the scene been seen before or since either. And with the 3 poor children foretelling the event 3 months in advance to the exact time and location (something no human can possibly do), this leads back to the source of their information, a lady in a field speaking Catholic doctrine to them. Who was she and where did she get her information? Here we have an incident that cannot be considered natural.


Miracles at Lourdes

Also consider the Miracle at Lourdes, France in 1858 and years following. Again a young girl there claimed a lady appeared to her on multiple occasions and told her many things that were in line with Catholic doctrine. After these apparitions, a spring sprang forth at the exact location and since that time countless people who have come in contact with the spring water have been healed of diseases of many kinds. To assure this was not trickery or confusion, the Lourdes Medical Bureau was formed, which invites doctors of all beliefs to join and review claims of healings in the waters at Lourdes. Since 1858, a forest of crutches have been left near the spring at Lourdes, and the Lourdes Medical Bureau has reviewed and approved many healings as seen on the miraculous healings list from the actual Lourdes website. It is also interesting to note that when the spring water at the site in Lourdes is examined, it does not appear different from any other water in the world, yet the healings from life threatening diseases have occurred there time and time again over the last 146 years. No where else on earth have such healings been encountered, either before 1858 or after. No scientists can explain the healings there and the phenomena witnessed there can only be explained as supernatural.


Incorruptibles & Associated Miracles

Also consider other fascinating phenomena which cannot possibly have a natural cause. During random archeological digs throughout history many bodies have been discovered throughout the world that, though not embalmed in any way, remain free of decay, remain flexible and lifelike with flowing blood and a pleasant scent despite being buried for many, many years (even centuries). These bodies have always been found to be Catholic Saints over the centuries and are better known as “incorruptibles”. Many of these incorrupt bodies remain on display all over Europe today. There is simply no natural explanation for how the process of decay chooses not to devour certain bodies. Considering these bodies are always Catholics, this empirical evidence points to a supernatural event, NOT a natural event. For more details on this phenomena see our Incorruptibles page.


Prayer-related Miracles

Also consider the Miracle of the Rosary at Hiroshima, which concerns several men who lived through an atomic bomb being dropped less than a mile from their home during WWII. The survivors claim that prayer is what saved them and their home (everything else around them was destroyed). Scientists have swarmed over for this incident for decades with no explanation. We don’t have a detailed explanation either; however we can confidently state that no natural cause could have saved these men and their home.



Consider the enumerable incidents of accurate prophecy throughout Scripture, and in the lives of Catholic Saints. The reports of accurate prophecy are too many to ignore, and are too many to collectively state they are all trickery or somehow "lucky". Simply put, no human being can foretell events accurately. Weathermen cannot even tell us where a hurricane will land a few days in advance. If a human being were to be able to accurately foretell events, this would not be considered a natural occurrence since no human can do such things. Prophecy is therefore a supernatural occurrence.

Since miracles provide abundant empirical evidence and cannot be explained through natural reason or science, how else can you explain them other than looking at a supernatural source?


The Paranormal

On a daily basis we hear of paranormal phenomena occurring all around us, whether in newspapers, on the news, or in televised documentaries. These include apparently malicious or evil "hauntings" and "possessions" of many types, and other apparently negative supernatural-related events which are only cured through Christian prayer at the site or with the person involved. We even see mention of this in Scripture, so there is quite a history of this phenomena.

We can easily attempt to write off each of these incidents as nonsense, however when we view any documentary on the subject, we repeatedly see non-religious people swear to the reality and authenticity of these events and their cure with prayer. Most of these non-religious people have no reason to lie and would despise the thought of ever declaring one of these apparently supernatural-related events as true (especially on television), yet they swear to their authenticity time and time again. In addition, we see in countless cases the witnesses are very credible, such as teams of firemen, doctors, and policemen, each with their own differing religious beliefs.

Is this phenomena real or not? And if it is real, what does prayer as the cure in each event signify other than that the supernatural and a God exists? Some may still choose to try and ignore these repeated supernatural-related events and credible witnesses century after century. To those we ask, why not contact a paranormal investigator in your area and assist them on some of their onsite investigations so you can witness the phenomena firsthand?


Characteristics of the Earth and Solar System

It just so happens that the sun gives off the perfect amount of heat during the day and allows living things time of essential rest at night. It always keeps appropriate distance from the earth throughout each year. If that distance were closer, we would burn to death. If that distance were farther, we would all freeze to death. In either circumstance life on earth would come to an end. Consider our atmosphere which acts as the perfect filter so we can be exposed to the sun, where without it we would die. Think of the possible positions in the universe the sun could have wound up, and it wound up in the EXACT position we need to sustain life on earth and remains there constantly. The arrangement of earth and sun obviously has a purpose!

Look at some of the earth's properties: Water exists and it just so happens the human body needs it to survive. What if water had different properties, such as being acidic? The human race could not consume it and therefore could not survive. How about fire? What if fire didn't exist or had completely different properties? Think of the possibilities. The consequences to life on earth would be devastating. Instead, fire provides the PERFECT properties we need to cook, heat, run equipment etc without being too strong or too weak. Water just happens to be ESSENTIAL to our existence and is created perfectly to our bodies needs. Again, they were obviously created with a purpose.

It just so happens that the human race started on the planet earth over other planets and the air on the planet earth just happened to contain an atmosphere with the perfect mixture of air to sustain human life. Coincidence? If the air on earth were to have been different at the start of the human race, the human race would have never started. And what's to stop our air from suddenly turning to a state incompatible with human life?

It just so happens that there is a perfect amount of gravity on earth. If there were too much gravity we would all be pinned to the earth and eventually die. If there were too little gravity we would float off the earth and die as well. Why of all possible gravitational forces, do we have the PERFECT amount of gravity to sustain human life?

In 1961, astronomers acknowledged just two characteristics of the universe as `fine-tuned' to make physical life possible. The more obvious one was the ratio of the gravitational force constant to the electromagnetic force constant. It cannot differ from its current value by any more than one part in 10^40 (one part in ten thousand trillion trillion trillion) without eliminating the possibility for life. What brought it to the perfect ratio that it is at currently, and what's to stop this from varying, possibly wiping out all life on earth?

Look at how beautiful and sophisticated the four seasons are. Each season follows it's own natural schedule and never goes too far out of it's boundaries to the point where it threatens all life on earth. What's to stop the seasons from going too far out of their boundaries? All seasons and the elements follow mysterious "laws" or boundaries at all times, never crossing a boundary so far as to cause interruptions to the human race. Coincidence?

Many say that human life, the seasons, the earth, and the stars all follow the “laws of nature”. How can you have “laws” without a creator of those laws?


Cause and Effect

Everything that exists or happens in this life has a cause and effect. For every effect, there is a distinct, separate cause, and this applies to everything in existence. For example, the cause for a tree growing is due to a person planting a seed. The effect is a tree. The cause for that person's existence is due to the the effect of his/her parents bearing a child. The cause for the parents existence is due to each of their parents bearing a child, and so on. This cause and effect pattern goes back further and further, though it can't go back to endless degree since we know every living thing in this life eventually comes to an end. And if everything has an end, that means it must have had a beginning. Just as a stick cannot have just one end, there had to be a starting point. If you believe every series of cause and effect go back endlessly, then you must believe they never started. If you believe there had to be a first cause or beginning, it must have been started by a Being who owes it's existence to no one.


Degrees of Perfection

Every life form on earth is imperfect, having limited capabilities and life span. No imperfect life form in existence can attribute it's existence to itself. Have you ever seen any person or living thing create themselves? Since all life forms we know to exist are imperfect (including ourselves), each of those life forms must look to a source outside themselves as the source of their own existence. Since we as humans are imperfect and cannot create ourselves, then something perfect must have made us.


Proof from Design

It is very clear that all living things were made for a specific purpose. For example, the eye was made strictly to see, the ears to hear, wings to fly, talons on a bird to grab. Each was put together in a manner that a definite goal could be obtained. A different arrangement would not bring about the same result. For example, if the eyes on a person or animal were arranged differently at the time they were created, they would not see. It takes intelligence to arrange parts in the correct order so that the living thing will serve a purpose, and the designer must first conceive his goal. Material things are not capable of conceiving a goal. For example, eyes and ears are purposeful, though as complex as they are, they are wholly material and can't think or plan and therefore could not have designed themselves. An outside intelligence clearly must have been involved.

In addition, some say this world and its inhabitants are here by "chance". The term "chance" refers to the unexpected or to an accident, yet everything in this life is expected, orderly and predictable. The planets in the universe always follow their same predictable pattern, animals and people are always born, then live and die as expected. Nothing happens by chance, but rather everything in general is recurring and predictable. This is NOT the definition of chance, rather a designer was obviously involved.


Proof from Motion

No inanimate object at rest can move to another place. If it is at rest, it cannot give itself motion because it does not yet possess it. Each inanimate object must acquire movement from another object if it is to move, in other words, anything that is in motion has must receive that motion from something else. So this leads to the question, where did motion originally start?

If you're thinking that the "big bang theory" is where motion originally started, think again. The big bang theory was theorized in the early 1900's and basically stated that a random cosmic explosion of subatomic matter occurred in space at some point, which threw matter in all directions, which in turn formed the universe we have today. Though this theory does not hold water either for the following reasons:

  • The big bang theory still does not explain the questions, "where did everything come from?" and "can nothing explode?"
  • How can an explosion cause order, when all other explosions ever observed and documented have caused disorder?
  • What organized the universe after this "random explosion"?
  • All the planets we observe in space are spinning. To explain this, many have theorized that the initial subatomic matter that exploded was originally spinning, so when it exploded, all pieces were thrust in all directions, each also spinning. Though this theory does not hold due to the fact that planets like Uranus and certain moons are spinning backward compared to other planets. It is against the Law of Conservation of Angular Momentum for pieces from the supposed explosion to be spinning in opposite directions.
  • In response to the issue of planets and moons spinning in opposite directions, some have proposed possible collisions between planets spinning in the same direction, which occurred with enough force to cause some planets to stop spinning, and to start spinning in the opposite direction on impact. Though the force required to knock a spinning planet into a reverse spin would be so incredible, that it would either leave very noticeable damage to the planet, or at the very least, upset it's orbit. Yet planets like Venus which is spinning opposite many other planets shows no signs of damage and has a flawless shape and orbit.
  • If the big bang theory were true, we also have to question why galaxies exist in "clumps", and why there are large voids of space in between? If the universe was caused from an explosion, you would think everything would be more evenly distributed. Where did all of the "clumps" (galaxies) come from?

Whether you believe in The Big Bang Theory or not, it still does not explain the source of all existence.



With so many things in this world in such order, perfectly placed and timed, and so predictable, as mentioned above, can you really say life, with all of its checks and balances to assure it is never interrupted, just HAPPENED to appear on this earth by chance, with no thought or design in mind? "Chance" cannot possibly result in the order we see around us!

To help summarize what we have written above, consider this analogy: If you were to find yourself on a remote, uninhabited island with absolutely nothing on it, and you came across some stones on the ground laid out in a perfect circle, what would be your first thought? Certainly it would be that someone had been there before you and placed the stones in that arrangement, correct? Well if we can feel so certain about this with some stones placed in a simple pattern, how much more should we feel this way about God's existence when we consider the amazing number of coincidences just mentioned above? There are an incredible amount of coincidences that make life run smoothly and uninterrupted. If many of these coincidences were removed from the equation, life could not exist. If this many coincidences were presented in ANY case in a court of law, the jury without a doubt would vote unanimously. Why do so many decide to ignore these countless coincidences?

We have provided plenty of empirical evidence above for the existence of God and the supernatural. Why can no one bring forward any evidence which shows God does NOT exist? If there is no God, we would like to see your evidence of his non-existence rather than just listening to the preaching of doubts.

If you have other evidence for or against the existence of God, please submit it here.

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