The Brown Scapular


The Brown Scapular is basically a small replica of a religious article of clothing and has been worn by people of all denominations for centuries. It consists of two pieces of cloth (usually wool) connected together with string. When worn, the string rests on the shoulders and each part of the scapular rests on the front and back of you (about mid chest and mid back). Many amazing, unexplainable miracles have occurred through the Brown Scapular throughout history as we will see below.

The Brown Scapular was first heard of through several appearances of the Virgin Mary over the centuries. The Brown Scapular was first learned of through appearances of the Virgin Mary to St. Simon Stock in Cambridge, England in 1251 and again in 1322 to Pope John XXII.

The Virgin Mary was quoted as saying:

"Take this scapular. Whosoever dies wearing it shall not suffer eternal fire. It shall be a sign of salvation, a protection from danger, and a pledge of peace."

The Virgin Mary was also quoted as saying:

"Wear the scapular devoutly and perseveringly. It is my garment. To be clothed in it means you are continually thinking of Me, and I in turn, am always thinking of you."

The most well known appearances of the Virgin Mary occurred multiple times in Fatima, Portugal in 1917, where the Virgin Mary appeared to three children and gave them a message to give to the people of the world. In that message she recommended that people wear the Brown Scapular as a means of special protection. Since people would most likely not believe the children regarding these appearances, the Virgin Mary promised to perform a public miracle as proof. At her final appearance to the children in October 1917, over 70,000 people gathered at the site of the appearances in expectation of the miracle the children mentioned she would perform. That afternoon, an unexplainable miracle of the sun was experienced by over 70,000 people. This was printed in Fatima newspapers the following day which gave credence to the message the Virgin Mary gave to the three children. These appearances are very well documented should anyone like to read the incredible interviews with the people who were there. Newspaper articles and accounts from some of the people there the day of the miracle can be seen here. These appearances at Fatima and several other apparitions of the Virgin Mary have also been approved as authentic by the Church in Rome after thorough investigations. Many past Popes (such as Pope Pius XII) have also approved of the authenticity of the appearances and have publicly encouraged all to wear the Brown Scapular for extra protection as the Virgin Mary had requested.

Some may initially have doubts about a garment such as the Brown Scapular having such "powers". How could a piece of cloth offer such protection, and how can it be attributed to so many miracles throughout history? To explain, first, the brown scapular is not "magic", or a "good luck charm". Its benefits and protection are given to those who wear it and believe that it was given to us from heaven and have faith that protection will be granted from heaven to those who wear it. There is nothing else to it!

Over the years there have also been many miracles associated with wearing the brown scapular. Some examples are below.


Some examples of recent miracles that have been attributed to the Brown Scapular:

  • In 1845 a young Irish boy named John McAuliffe was on an English ship named the "King of the Ocean" in the middle of a deadly hurricane. All on board were fearing for their lives. Seeing the urgency of the situation, John McAuliffe removed his Brown Scapular and making the sign of the cross with it over the raging waves, threw it into the ocean. At that moment the wind calmed and only one more wave came back onto the deck, bringing with it the Brown Scapular which came to rest at the boy's feet!
  • In 1957 a priest in Germany published a story about how a Brown Scapular saved a home from fire. An entire row of homes caught fire in Westboden, Germany. The inhabitants in one of the homes, seeing the fire, fastened one of their Brown Scapulars to the main door of the house. Within 5 hours, 22 homes on each side of this house were reduced to ashes. The house where the inhabitants tied their Brown Scapular to the door was completely unharmed!
  • In November 1955, a plane carrying 27 people crashed. All died except one young lady. When this young lady saw the plane was going down she grabbed hold of the Brown Scapular she was wearing and called on Mary in heaven for help. After the deadly impact, her clothes were reduced to ashes and she suffered burns, though her life was saved and her Brown Scapular was untouched by the flames!
  • There have been many instances throughout history where people who had worn the Brown Scapular faithfully, were buried with it on. Many years later their graves were opened to find the Brown Scapular PERFECTLY INTACT. Some of these are on display in Rome today! There are also the incorrupt bodies of Saints on display who had also worn the Brown Scapular!

These are just a few of the miracles relating to the Brown Scapular that have been reported.


How the Brown Scapular Can Help You

If you or someone you know are in need of special protection in situations such as the ones directly below or any others, a Brown Scapular is an excellent thing to request through this site to provide you extra protection. Some examples of instances where someone may want to wear a Brown Scapular:

  • You are in the armed forces
  • You are about to take an extended drive
  • You work in a dangerous career
  • You are about to fly on a plane
  • You are about to undergo an operation
  • You are out of work or live on the street
  • You are incarcerated (in prison)
  • You live in a dangerous area

Note that anyone of ANY BELIEF, AGE, or STATE OF LIFE may wear a Brown Scapular. It may be worn inside or outside of your clothing (resting on your shoulders) and should normally be kept ON you. Some have been known to wear a Brown Scapular only when they feel they are in danger or in need of special protection such as when relating to the situations mentioned above, though it is intended that people wear it always. It may be taken off for short periods of time if needed, but benefits are given to those who WEAR it.


Details About The Brown Scapular & How You Can Try One

Below we offer information on how to obtain a Brown Scapular. The Brown Scapular has helped protect countless people over the centuries and is effortless to try, so it only makes sense to request and wear one! If you or someone you know could use extra protection, have you anything to lose by trying a Brown Scapular? You will be no worse off after having tried one. Even if you are uncertain about it initially, if you wear it for at least a few weeks, and believe that protections will be provided to you, then you will receive its benefits and will come to realize the protections it provides.

If you would like to try the Brown Scapular to help protect you, a family member, or a friend, please click the picture below to proceed.

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