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Do you need help with problems in your life? If you, like most of us, are looking for help with chronic or lingering problems in your life which seem to have no solution, then we have information that can help you.

So many people today suffer from a variety of issues such as serious health problems, lack of income, marital problems, addictions and abuse of all types, or family problems etc. Many seek countless ways to overcome these issues to no avail. Some may fall into depression or may just give up in these situations, though there is an option many people in crisis tend to overlook!

If you or someone you know has chronic or lingering problems, no matter how great or small, a means is available for you to help or even overcome these problems, which so few people today even know about or take advantage of. Here we focus on educating you on how to utilize prayer (and other supernatural means) to tackle your problems, which is proven to help overcome the most hopeless of problems time and time again, regardless of your current beliefs. Once you try it and see changes in your life, you will use it again and again. And with the countless miracles associated with prayer and other supernatural resources century after century, no one can possibly ignore the benefits they provide!

We offer free counseling via e-mail or live chat, whether you need to just speak with someone, or whether you have more involved problems that require advice. Our online testimonials speak for themselves, showing how many have overcome their problems through these means!

To start seeking help for you or someone you know, we suggest you start educating yourself by browsing through this site, and learning about proofs for the existence of God, and all about prayer, and how to utilize it. Also be sure to read about protections through the Brown Scapular and how to get one. You may contact us anytime via the links below for one-on-one counseling via e-mail or live chat (all free, however we do recommend donations).

Please note if you have an emergency, you should always first call emergency services, such as 911. Also if your doctor recommends you perform certain procedures or take medication regularly, prayer and other supernatural means on this site should NOT REPLACE your doctor's recommendations, but rather SUPPLEMENT those recommendations.